The Deimos Project

The Deimos Project began in 2011 when two Sailor Moon nerds named MarioKnight and Elly decided to pool their resources to build a private server capable of hosting a complete collection of fandom media and information. Partially to bypass the cost of paying for hosting from an outside company, and partially to exert more control over the content they created by self-administrating via Linux. The result is this:

Deimos - our massive storage bay

Deimos is the data center and backbone of our project. It has:

  • Athlon II X4 640 64-bit
  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 9.5 TB storage
  • Fast, redundant Tier-1 bandwidth

Since the initial creation of Deimos, we've expanded dramatically in order to better support our processing and file-sharing needs. We now have two other servers; we're almost like a little, mini datacenter! :D

Mars - processing core

Due to the massive expansion of one of our key accounts, Miss Dream, we have a new VPS!
Mars is our central powerhouse, utilizing two cores at 3GHz, 6GM of RAM, and 60GB of SSD storage, with a permanent connection to fast, redundant Tier-1 bandwidth.
This core runs all of our databases for lightning fast processing. :D

Phobos - data synchronization

We have obtained a new file server for data synchronization between our various network locations and Deimos. Pictures coming soon. <3

Sites We Host

As it is the goal of the Deimos Project to preserve the best of the Sailor Moon internet for enjoyment by the fandom, we are happy to provide free-of-charge hosting to the following Sailor Moon sites:

  • Miss Dream - Sailor Moon translations, scanlations, and fansubs
  • Sailor Moon Uncensored - a guide to the differences between the Japanese and American versions of the Sailor Moon anime
  • Sailor Moon World - Italy's biggest Sailor Moon fan site filled with news, information, media, and more!
  • Isshou Ni - a unique and wonderful Sailor Moon general site, featuring many speciality sections such as sheet music, panorama galleries, and much more
  • Sera Myu Antics Forum - the forum for Sera Myu Antics
  • Junketsu - a Sailor Moon media site
  • Senshi Fansubs - a Sailor Moon download site which has digitized versions of VHS fansubs from years past.
  • Shojo Power - Feminist Analysis of Sailor Moon<
  • Pretty Guardian - still in development; anime screen caps and more!

Other Sites We Host | Nyoro~n Fansubs | Anime Jam Session | DJ Ranma S

Server Tweets

We also have our own twitter that posts server updates. Very useful to our lovely hostees who may want to get the scoop on what's going on around here. :) Catch the news here @deimos_project!

How can I join the Deimos Project?

At this time, the Deimos Project is by invitation only. We are extremely selective about which sites we want to be a part of our inner circle - invitees must have outstanding reputations within the fandom as a quality source. Often times, the popularity of those we host coincides with intensive hosting needs, which are very costly one person to maintain alone. This project serves to off-set the costs associated with hosting a popular Sailor Moon site.

Only the sites listed above may post our custom seal in their footer; any other site claiming to be a part of our project who is not listed on this page is not associated with us in any way.

Why is it named the "Deimos" Project?

In the series "Sailor Moon", Sailor Mars has two guardian crows named Deimos and Phobos. They are named after the real-life moons of the planet Mars. MarioKnight had originally created a file server for sharing Sailor Moon media files back in the late 1990s and early 2000s named Phobos. When Elly and MarioKnight decided to create a new Sailor Moon themed server, we wanted to keep in line with that tradition; so we named the new server after Deimos. As our project has expanded, we have not only needed to resurrect Phobos (making a completely functional duo of the original Deimos / Phobos server set!), but we've also needed to introduce a new core server to maintain our operations. We've named this central core Mars, since Phobos and Deimos serve as support to it - just like in the Sailor Moon anime and manga. :)

What happened to the original Phobos?

Phobos was MarioKnight's original file server, haphazardly built in November of 2003. Poor Phobots met its untimely death in spring of 2006 after multiple hard drive failures. We are hoping that at some point in the future, we will require enough expansion to resurrect Phobos from the ashes. But we're glad to report, Phobos has finally been resurrected in the form of our new sync box, as noted above!

The Deimos Project © MarioKnight & Elly 2011 - 2014.