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About eleven years ago I had the elated idea to create a Sailor Moon website all of my own. This was a time when CorelDraw was the only image editing program that was being used, midis were the prime source of music and my pc resolution was 400x600. And all coding was done by Notepad. It was quite primitive but I was young and infatuated with Sailor Moon and this whole experience called The World Wide Web. Hence, Crystal Dreams was born.

Crystal Dreams started off at and was scattered throughout as well. I collected any and all images that I could find, more of horrendous quality but was the norm of most fanmade websites. I had a collection of horribly put together galleries with terrible graphics. Fanfiction and midis were also included. I created several embaressing layouts, as you can see from above. Anyway, at around its third site update, I began to lose interest of Sailor Moon and the site stayed in a stagnant, unfinished state.

Over the summer of 2011, out of boredom and a lack of anything better to do, I visited my old Crystal Dreams, which still existed as I had never deleted it. I thought, for old time's sake that I would re-do the layout just for fun. Well, somewhow I fell into a huge OCD project. If I was going to make a new layout, I ought to fix up the galleries as well! And, certainly I should search for better images, now shouldn't I? This whole adventure turned into me into buying a domain, capping my own anime images, cleaning up unique black and white manga images, coloring every screencap, finding all kinds of music and downloads... And thus was born.

 the meaning behind the name

I knew when I was creating this brand new site that I wanted a domain name that would represent the bond and the relationship between Usagi and Mamoru. Their love was the first romance that I became attatched to and felt as something real to me. I love the Japanese language as well, and so I wanted to choose a Japanese word, staying as authentically close to the original manga as possible.

Isshou ni translates to the english word "together." Not only do I love the word isshou, I cannot help but feel that it is the perfect definition of the heart of Sailor Moon -- the friendships and relationships, the driving force that continually allows the characters of this series to overcome battles and obstacles that threaten to tear them apart. They will remain together, forever and again after that. © 2012 rebecca.
All rights reserved. BSSM © Takeuchi Naoko.
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