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Here you will find a collection of essays that I have written, which focus on various topics within the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon anime and manga. These essays have been carefully constructed, with each opinion, statement and theory supported by facts and images from the anime and manga. Thank you for reading!

  Usagi and Mamoru: A Love of Forced Obligation?

It has often been said by a few doubting fans that Usagi and Mamoru might not have ended up together had it not been for the preordained fate of their past, their relationship as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen and their destiny to become King and Queen of Neo Crystal Tokyo. This essay sets out to prove otherwise. more?

  Mamoru's Confession

In the final moments of episode 200 of Sailor Moon, Usagi asks Mamoru how he feels about her. Instead of replying with the words I love you as most fans hoped for, Mamoru replies with a different response, one laden with intense emotional feelings. more?

  The Proposal

As Mamoru departs for America at the beginning of the Stars series, he offers Usagi a ring, a promise of his return and their faithfulness towards one another during their separation. It is not through words but rather the simple gestures made by Mamoru that I feel holds the breadth of affection towards Usagi. more?

  Seiya & Usagi: A Kindred Friendship

Seiya and Usagi have, what I feel, to be one of the most genuine and pure friendships of the entire animanga series. They pair each other effortlessly in banter and wit, accepting each other's worries and melding perfectly as kindred spirits. more?

  Complexities: Seiya's Humanity, Usagi's Choice

This is not an essay advocating Usagi and Seiya as a couple nor is it one where I bash those who do ship these two as a pairing. It is simply an examination of the complexities of their relationship, the reasons behind Seiya's words and actions, and the choices Usagi makes in return. more? © 2012 rebecca.
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