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While Sailor Moon AMV's are nearly a dime a dozen, and more than most of the time I am disinterested in them, I have been fortunate to find a few that are utterly brilliant. Sadly, I only know of them on youtube and do not have direct downloads for you. Hopefully you will enjoy them nonetheless. :)

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Sailor Moon R season trailer

Song: Mind Heist - Inception

This first video is basically a trailer to the R season. It is set to the song Mind Heist from the movie Inception and it is just brilliant. It makes the season look very serious and filled with epic battles and struggles. The music is incredibly powerful and it just gives me chills while watching it. I wish the writers had actually created the R season with this same ambience to it. Would have been epic.

Epic Sailor Moon Trailer

Song: Requiem For A Dream

This next one encompasses the start and destruction of the Moon Kingdom, leading into Usagi's calling as Sailor Moon and moves quickly through the seasons. The song Requiem for a Dream is used and really, I may be biased, but I think it fits the video beautifully. In all honesty, it is probably not the most brilliantly put together video, but with this song, I think it is quite good. The sharp crescendos of the orchestra are timed dramatically with specific moments and it heightens the mood and actions of the scenes. I think the maker ends the video beautifully as well.

When Our Time Ends

Song: Sara's Death - Angel Sanctuary

A video about Usagi and Mamoru's breakup. Normally I stay away from subjects like this because it just begs for some twelve-year old to make an emo-angsty vid to some emo-angsty song. But the creator used Sara's Death from Angel Sanctuary! If you have never heard this song before, you should watch the video for that reason alone. It is a slow and sad piano piece that is so haunting. It creates this quiet, lonely feel to the words, which allows you to simply focus on the emotions between Usagi and Mamoru, rather than the words. The video is sadly not in the best of quality. But still good. © 2012 rebecca.
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