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The layouts for was made by me, Rebecca. The images used was a manga scan aquired at and search engines. I used CS5 to make the banners with them. To learn more visit here.

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  • BxW Manga scans: many scans were acquired from, although not limited to All images were cleaned and painstakingly edited by me and are therefore not allowed to be used in any galleries. If you would like to use them in a graphic you are certainly allowed to.
  • Manga Artwork: acquired from Manga Style and misc engine searches, cleaned and edited by me. Do not use for your own galleries.
  • Anime Artwork: acquired from Anime Extremist, cleaned and edited by me.
  • Anime Screencaps: all screencaps were captured and edited by me. Do not use for your own galleries.
  • Fanart: all credit for the fanart featured here on belongs to the respective artists.


  • Music: the majority of songs, although not all, were acquired from
  • Sheetmusic: found through google search and Pandacontrol.
  • Episode & movie downloads: found through torrents on google mentioned at

  Technicalities © 2012 rebecca.
All rights reserved. BSSM © Takeuchi Naoko.
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