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I guess this is pretty self explanatory. Here you will hopefully find the answers to some questions that you may have. Please feel free to submit other questions that you would like to have answered. :)

  • Can I use the images in your galleries for graphics or layouts?
    Absolutely! It would be nice if you could provide credit back though. Cleaning all of those images took an obsessive amount of time. ^^

  • Can I use any of your images in my galleries or post on tumblr?
    Please do not used any of the edited images here in your own galleries. I have edited every picture featured here and that would be thievery to take them and pass them off as your own. As for tumblr, yes you may as long as you link as the source.

  • How do you get the pop-up effect in your galleries?
    That would be due to a javascript called JQuery LightBox.

  • Why do some of your galleries have a pop-up feature while others do not?
    I originally did have the LightBox coding for all of my galleries. However, a lot of my images are huge -- which is done intentionally so that people may use them from graphic-making -- and this does not work so well on computers that may have slow internet connection or small screens. Although I love how elegant this LightBox galleries are, I do not want to turn off others and had to make a practical decision.

  • How do I save an image in your LightBox galleries?
    Quite simple, really. Right click on the thumbnail and click Open Link In New Tab.

  • Can we be affiliates?
    I am always open to this but I do expect your site to stand up to a few criteria: good graphic skills, content and to be hosted at domain (whether it be your own or some one hosting you). If so, send me a note! :)

  • Will you make me a site?
    I honestly wish that I could, or at least assist, but I just do not have the time. :/

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