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This season is split into two arcs. The first is a 13-episode filler titled the Makaiju arc, which entails Usagi and the girls gaining their memories of what occured previously (in the first season) and battle a new pair of enemies intent on harnessing energy from the citizens of Tokyo. Mamoru, however, has lost all recollection of knowing Usagi and Princess Serenity, or even being Tuxedo Kamen. It is up to Usagi to help convince him of their past and gain the strength needed to fight the invasive aliens.

The second arc follows the manga with the arrival of a mysterious pink-haired girl named Chibi Usa, who is intent on finding the Silver Crystal. Usagi and the girls must battle an additional new enemy, the Black Moon Clan, and Usagi undergoes one of the most difficult trials of her life.
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