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I always feel weird doing these things because how conceited must I be that people want to know about me? But, in truth, whenever I visit another animanga site I always want to know about its creator. So maybe you feel the same. :P is run by a twenty-six year old girl named Rebecca. I am an artist having just recently aquired my Masters in Fine Art, a music teacher, tumblr addict, animanga fan, lover of yaoi, a writer and apparently now a webmistress! :) I have been a fan of Sailor Moon for somewhere around 13 years now, my obsession waning and growing throughout the years. Over the summer I decided to jump full force into creating a polished and (hopefully!) unqiue Sailor Moon website, one that would convey my genuine love for the series.

I like to spend the majority of my time wrestling around with website coding, writing and wasting endless hours on tumblr. I also love to talk with fellow Moonies and fujoshi fans. You can find other bits of me floating around the web at various places:

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