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Although this place may feature a small collection of stories, I hope that you will enjoy. Some are current while others were published nearly ten years ago, when I first found the internet world of fanfiction. These older stories are have a wonderful nostalgia to them and are formatted in the old notepad file that was so popular years ago. I hope you enjoy.

Beside You (G-PG) by Alicia Blade
Sometimes I catch myself staring at her, analyzing every detail of her face that is already memorized to heart. I think to myself what it's like to hold her hand, to squeeze her waist in my arms, or tickle the silky smooth skin over her stomach.

Do You Really Love Me? (G) by Amai-chan
You hold open the door for me, like every gentleman should, but I feel now that it is becoming more of a reflex than a wanting. I sigh and you don't notice. Communication is still a barrier, we walk together in silence.

Four Short Stories (G-PG) by dhoney
Serenity and Endymion did not move. Not because they could pretend everything was better. Not because it made everything better. But because they did not want to spend their last moments together fumbling with words and expressions, when they could simply feel and be felt. Because, like all the other times, they knew this was very likely their last moment together.

It Just Happened (drable) (R) by dhoney
Hours later, when the fire had died, Kunzite awoke to the feel of a small, callused hand on his chest. Reflexively, he grabbed the thin wrist and twisted, letting go when he recognized the soft cry.

Six Birthdays (PG) by Rebecca
The sacredness of traditions is the one single thing Usagi has found that she can rely on -- they are ever constant, settling around Usagi's shoulders without fail, warm and steady, like Mamoru's hands when he wakes her from her sleep upon his lap on Sunday evenings.

The Odds Considered (PG) by Rebecca
They meet on weekdays, after school. They walk down the city streets and Mamoru smiles as she talks, follows the elated gestures of Usagi's fingers and chuckles when she loses her balance repeatedly and falls against his shoulder. © 2012 rebecca.
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